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Village of Dansville

1360 Mason Street
PO Box 236
Dansville,MI 48819-0236

Village Council

  Village Council Members

 President: Carole Colburn  517-623-0367
 Clerk: Cheri Michalewicz  517-623-6917
 Treasurer: Richard Michalewicz 517-623-6917
 Trustee: Steve Ezop
 Trustee:  Karen Ceccanese
Trustee: Shannon Johnson
 Trustee: Jay Mitzner
Trustee:  Sharon Schubert
Trustee  Jane Kirby  


 Meeting Dates

 2nd Monday of each month

7:00pm @ the Village of Dansville Hall

located @ 1360 Mason St.

 Misc.  Contacts

Village Building Inspector :  John Dodson  517-404-8797
 Street Administrator:  Cheri Michalewicz  517-623-6917
 Certified Water Operator:  William Ward  517-623-0007
 Certified Sewer Analysist:  Steve Hughes  
 Department of Public Works:  Clayton Johnson Jr.  517-623-0007
 Cemetery:  Cheri Michalewicz  517-623-6917





Dansville Downtown Development Authority

  Dansville Downtown Development Authority Members

 Clerk: Cheri Michalewicz  517-623-6917



 DDA Meeting Dates
  2nd Thursday of each mont

7:00pm @ Village of Dansville Hall
located @ 1360 Mason St









Recycling & Yard Waste Pickup

Recycling - 1st Tuesday of each Month.

Yard Waste - 2nd Tuesday of the Month - April thru November


**Village residents ONLY, Please have brush piled by curb/street the night before to ensure pick up.