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Village of Dansville

1360 Mason Street
PO Box 236
Dansville,MI 48819-0236


ALL building permits and ordinance questions, MUST go through the Village of Dansville.  ALL sewer, rubbish and water payments MUST be made payable and mailed to the Village of Dansville.


Property Tax Assessment is through the Ingham Township Assessor.

Village Council

  Village Council Members
 President: Carole Colburn  517-623-0367
 Clerk: Jennifer Ashton  517-623-6917
 Treasurer: Shannon Johnson 517-623-6917




 Meeting Dates
  2nd Monday of each month

7:00pm @ the Village of Dansville Hall
located @ 1360 Mason St.


Misc.  Contacts

 Street Administrator:  Jennifer Ashton  517-623-6917
 Certified Water Operator:  William Ward  517-623-0007
 Certified Sewer Analysist:  Steve Hughes  
 Department of Public Works:    517-623-0007
 Cemetery:  Jennifer Ashton  517-623-6917