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Ingham Township FOIA Fees
 OVF Disk Info / Tax BS&A Program Info:
 $20.00 for disk or e-mail
 Labels: $0.04/label
 Label format printout: $0.50/sheet
 Notary Fees:
 Residents: Free
 Non-residents: $2.00
 Copy Fees:
 $0.50 per page for the first 10 pages
 $0.20 per page for pages 11 and up
 Fax Fees:

Ingham Township Schedule of Fees
 Site Plan Review  $350.00
 Notice of Appeal (Review, Interpretation, & Variance)  $400.00
 Change/Amendment to Zoning  $400.00
 Special Use Permit  $400.00
 Land Division (up to 4 splits)  $200.00
 Land Division (for each split after 4)  $25.00
 Ingham Township Zoning Book  $10.00
 Certificate of Zoning Compliance  $50.00